National Trust Book - The Shell Spotter's Guide hidden by book fairies on the beachfront

The Shell Spotter’s Guide is hidden at coastal locations around the UK by book fairies

“People have long been enchanted by seashells…”

The Book Fairies have been busy sharing copies of The Shell Spotter’s Guide, a National Trust book that encourages us to go out exploring along our riverbanks and coastlines!

About the book:

Looking for seashells and learning their names is the perfect way to explore Britain’s coastline at leisure. It’s a nostalgic simple pleasure, and a way to discover some of nature’s most exquisite wonders. From the common cockle to the blue-rayed limpet, The Shell Spotter’s Guide covers the beautiful and surprising range of mussels, oysters, periwinkles, scallops, cowries and whelks found on our beaches. This beautifully illustrated book written by marine biologist Helen Scales is the perfect companion for all aspiring shell spotters.

This book is supported by the National Trust, who look after over 780 miles of Britain’s coastline. It turns any beach into a treasure hunt. A simple, nostalgic pleasure and a connection with the wonders of nature. It is beautifully illustrated and packed with surprising and delightful facts.

Get your hands on a copy!

This beautiful book is available now in all good bookshops – and if you prefer to buy your books online, you can still support bookshops by choosing Click here to buy The Shell Spotter’s Guide from!

Become a book fairy!

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