New Wordsworth Editions of Dylan Thomas hidden by book fairies on railing

Book fairies share exciting new editions of classic poetry!

“Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.” ~ Emily Dickinson

The Book Fairies have been busy celebrating the new Wordsworth poetry editions by sharing different books from the collection all around the UK!

They shared books of poems from Oscar Wilde, Emily Dickinson, W.B. Keats and Dylan Thomas – which would you most like to have stumbled upon?

New Wordsworth Editions hidden by book fairies

About The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson:

Initially a vivacious, outgoing person, Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) progressively withdrew into a reclusive existence. An undiscovered genius during her lifetime, only seven out of her total of 1,775 poems were published prior to her death. She had an immense breadth of vision and a passionate intensity and awe for life, love, nature, time and eternity.

Originally branded an eccentric, Emily Dickinson is now recognised as a major poet of great depth. With an Introduction by Emma Hartnoll.

About The Selected Poems of Oscar Wilde:

Wilde, glamorous and notorious, more famous as a playwright or prisoner than as a poet, invites readers of his verse to meet an unknown and intimate figure. The poetry of his formative years includes the haunting elegy to his young sister and the grieving lyric at the death of his father. The religious drama of his romance with Rome is captured here, as well as its resolution in his renewed love of ancient Greece. He explores forbidden sexual desires, pays homage to the great theatre stars and poets of his day, observes cityscapes with impressionist intensity.

His final masterpiece, The Ballad of Reading Gaol, tells the painful story of his own prison experience and calls for universal compassion. This edition of Wilde’s verse presents the full range of his achievement as a poet.

About The Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats:

W. B. Yeats was Romantic and Modernist, mystical dreamer and leader of the Irish Literary Revival, Nobel prize-winner, dramatist and, above all, poet. He began writing with the intention of putting his ‘very self’ into his poems. T. S. Eliot, one of many who proclaimed the Irishman’s greatness, described him as ‘one of those few whose history is the history of their own time, who are part of the consciousness of an age which cannot be understood without them’. For anyone interested in the literature of the late nineteenth century and the twentieth century, Yeats’s work is essential.

About The Collected Poems 1934-52 of Dylan Thomas:

Dylan Thomas wrote some of the best-known and best-loved poems of the twentieth century, amongst them ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’, ‘Fern Hill’ and ‘The force that through the green fuse drives the flower’. This edition reproduces the Collected Poems 1934-1952 which the poet authorised just before his tragically early death at the age of 39 and which contains, as he said, ‘most of the poems I have written, and all, up to the present year, I wish to preserve’. His was a precocious talent: his first poem was published nationally at the age of 18, and his first collection, 18 Poems, was published when he was just 20. In spite of his early death, he therefore left behind a substantial and significant body of work, represented here. His poems cover the span of birth to death, while at their heart is a lyrical, joyful impulse that celebrates life.

New Wordsworth Editions of Dylan Thomas hidden by book fairies in Manchester

Happy book finders!

We love nothing more than receiving messages from those of you who are lucky enough to stumble upon a book left by a book fairy. Today’s activity got such a response, here are some of our favourites!

Get your hands on the new collection!

These wonderful books are out NOW in all good bookshops. If you’d prefer to order your copies online, you can find them on the Wordsworth website! Here are the links to each title:

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