Book Fairy for a Day author Nicky Smith-Dale with Betty Steady and the Toad Witch

Book Fairy for a Day: Nicky Smith-Dale shares Betty Steady and the Toad Witch…

“I’m going to tell you about a particular girl. A special girl, called Betty Steady.”

The Book Fairies have been busy sharing copies of Betty Steady and the Toad Witch by Nicky Smith-Dale today! This is the first in a brand new series and our London fairies were lucky enough to meet with the author, who became a Book Fairy for a Day!

About the book:

Prepare to lick the toenails of adventure! Betty Steady’s faster than an angry goose and stronger than an ogre in yoga pants and she DON’T NEED NO STINKING HELP FROM NO ONE! But can she prevent the Toad Witch from attacking Wobbly Rock?

At twelve years old Betty Steady stands tall and dazzling, and is the Guardian of Wobbly Rock – a faraway kingdom which she protects fearlessly ALL ON HER OWN. But then the Toad Witch literally cuts Betty down to size. Can Betty prevent disaster before the Toad Witch and her evil army launch a terrible attack on Wobbly Rock? And when will she learn that she doesn’t have to do stuff ALL ON HER OWN any more?

Join us for fights and friendships! Lasagne-eating snails and slimy villains! Meet Betty and her crew: Figg the imp, Simon Anderson the stallion in tiger-print cycling shorts, Elle Emen O’Pea the trumpet-playing mouse in a bobble hat, and many, many more! Just jolly join us! HOT CROSS BUNS!

Get your hands on a copy!

This wonderful book – the first in an exciting new series – is out NOW! You can find Betty Steady in all good bookshops. If you prefer to order your books online, head to, where you can still support independent booksellers around the UK!

Become a book fairy today!

If you’ve been inspired by our activity with Betty Steady today and you want to hide some books, then get started! Just order your first set of stickers to start spreading the magic…

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