Into the Mouth of the Wolf -by author Erin Gough hidden by book fairies in Australia

Book Fairies in Australia share copies of Into the Mouth of the Wolf by author Erin Gough…

“Dear reader, There’s nothing like an earthquake – or falling in love – to turn your world upside down.”

The Book Fairies of Australia have been busy sharing copies of Into the Mouth of the Wolf by Erin Gough today!

Who will be lucky enough to spot one?

About the book:

Dear Iris,

If all goes well I will be in touch by this evening. If you hear nothing, contact Glassy Bay International Travellers’ Hostel and ask after me. Use our real names.

Your Mama xxx

Iris lives on the run with her mother, Rohan. They’re travelling to escape the earthquakes, though of course that’s impossible. And they’re being followed. One day, Rohan insists Iris repeat the phrase in bocca al into the mouth of the wolf. The next day, Rohan’s vanished, leaving no clues about where she’s gone besides a contact in an unknown town. Entirely alone and fearing the worst, Iris reaches out to a stranger for help.

When Lena gets Iris’s message, she’s busy panic-studying for year 12 and helping run her family’s hostel. She’s intrigued by Iris, and can’t deny there’s a spark between them – but she’s also worried. A dead body has just washed up at the beach in Glassy Bay. And Lena’s old best friend – who’s just returned after an unexplained absence – seems to know something about it.

Missing people. Mysterious deaths. A growing attraction between two girls caught up in the search for the truth. Somehow, they’re all connected. But in order to find out how – and in order to even meet each other – Iris and Lena will have to go into the mouth of the wolf …

With shades of We Were Liars and Station Eleven, this extraordinary new YA novel explores love and grief in an uncertain climate from one of Australia’s most talented writers.

Get your hands on a copy!

If you didn’t spot one out in the wild today, do not worry! Into The Mouth Of The Wolf is in all good bookshops RIGHT NOW! We hope you enjoy this fresh climate fiction read.

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