Book fairies share God is an Octopus by Ben Goldsmith lovely book about grief

Book fairies share copies of God is an Octopus by Ben Goldsmith

“Maybe death isn’t what we think it is.”

The Book Fairies have been busy sharing copies of God is an Octopus by Ben Goldsmith at some beautiful locations today.

About the book:

Struggling to comprehend the shocking death of his teenage daughter, Ben Goldsmith finds solace in nature by immersing himself in plans to rewild his farm.

In July 2019, Ben Goldsmith lost his fifteen-year-old daughter, Iris, in an accident on their family farm in Somerset. Iris’s death left her family reeling.

Grasping for answers, Ben threw himself into searching for some ongoing trace of his beloved child, exploring ideas that until then had seemed too abstract to mean much to him. Missing his daughter terribly and struggling to imagine how he would face the rest of his life in the shadow of this loss, Ben found solace in nature, the object of a lifelong fascination. As Ben set about rewilding his farm, nature became a vital source of meaning and hope.

This book is the story of a year of soul-searching that followed a terrible loss. In an instant, Ben’s world had turned dark. Yet, unbelievably to him, the seasons kept on turning, and as he immersed himself in the dramatic restoration of nature in the place where it happened, he found healing.

In God is an Octopus, Ben tells a powerful, immersive and inspiring story of finding comfort and strength in nature after suffering loss and despair.

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If you didn’t spot one hiding in the wild, do not worry – this book is now available in all good bookshops! You can also support indies by choosing to order your copy here from – for those who prefer buying books online 🙂

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