Preet Chandi is Book Fairy for a Day with The Explorer's Guide to Going Wild - first book by this author

Book Fairy for a Day: Debut Children’s Book Author Preet Chandi!

“Think of this book as your passport to a world of exciting adventures”

The Book Fairies were lucky enough to be joined today by explorer and now author Preet Chandi! She became #BookFairyForADay, sharing copies of her first ever book, The Explorer’s Guide to Going Wild! Preet found hidden places of nature around north London, including the London Wildlife Trust’s Camley Street Natural Park! Did you know that this was the location where the London Wildlife Trust started? 🥳

Who was lucky enough to spot one out in the wild?

About the book:

Do you know a child that loves to explore but isn’t sure how to plan their own adventures? Are they often preoccupied by an iPad when they could be outdoors?

In this book, kids will learn how they can become a master explorer. Whether they want to learn how to camp in the wild, navigate their way through a new landscape, master bushcraft skills or plan a polar expedition, this book will show them how to do it.

Each chapter has a mini challenge for young explorers to try at home, from learning how to read the stars, to building a den. All these skills will help children to push their boundaries, build a resilient explorer mindset and get outdoors. And with fun black and white illustrations, having an adventure couldn’t be easier!

Get your hands on a copy!

If you didn’t spot one in the wild, do not worry! You can find this wonderful book in all good bookshops (if not, ask them to order a copy specially!). If you like ordering books online, you can still support bookshops if you get your copy of The Explorer’s Guide to Going Wild here from!

Become a book fairy today

We would love for you to become a book fairy! All you need is to order your first set of stickers, as it comes with a mini guide to get you started!

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