Book Fairy for a Day: Will Millard celebrates the launch of his new book My First Day Fishing

“I am going to assume that you, like me, will mostly be fishing for fun.”

The Book Fairies were delighted to be joined by explorer, presenter and writer Will Millard to share copies of his book ‘My First Day Fishing’ around Cardiff UK recently!

Who was lucky enough to spot one?

Author Will Millard as Book Fairy for a Day in Cardiff with book My First Day Fishing in the river

About the book:

Everything a young angler needs to know as they set out on their first day fishing.

This comprehensive handbook contains a wealth of information for the young angler and lays out, step-by-step everything they might need to know on their first fishing trip.

Fully illustrated throughout, the book covers everything from tackle to ties, rods to rigs, and from knots to hooks to baits, lures and flies! It also includes a fish-identification guide, together with advice on how to care for your catch.

BBC presenter and fishing expert Will Millard is the perfect guide to accompany young anglers on their first day fishing as he blends detailed information with plain good advice – and some amusing anecdotes along the way (including his first ever catch – made with a welly boot after he fell in a river!).

The book is packed with kid-friendly tips and tricks and helps readers – whether in the country or the city – to ‘think like a fish’ as they learn the watercraft of reading a river, pond or canal, how to find the best spots to fish and how to cast for the catch of their dreams.

This book is the perfect guide to fishing and so much more besides – and is sure to instil a love of angling among young readers aged 7+.

Get your hands on a copy!

If you didn’t spot a book hiding in Cardiff or anywhere else in the UK today, do not worry – you can find My First Day Fishing in all good bookshops! If they don’t have a copy, they can easily order one for you.

If you prefer to order your books online, you can find Will’s wonderful book My First Day Fishing here on – the website that proactively supports independent bookshops all around the UK!

Become a book fairy today

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