Don't Be A Drag by Skye Quinlan hidden by Book Fairies with Pride in Nashville

Don’t Be A Drag by Skye Quinlan hidden all around the states to celebrate Pride!

“It’s almost like a pride parade threw up in here”

The Book Fairies have been busy sharing copies of Don’t Be A Drag by Skye Quinlan to celebrate their publication day today!

About the book:

Two rival drag kings competing for a crown might just win each other’s hearts.

When eighteen-year-old Briar Vincent’s mental health takes a turn for the worst, her parents send her to spend the summer in New York City with her older brother, Beau, also known as the drag queen Bow Regard.

Backstage at the gay bar where Beau performs, Briar just wants to be a fly on the wall, but she can’t stand by when the cute but conceited drag king Spencer Read tries to put down another up-and-coming performer. To prove to him that even a brand-new performer could knock him off his pedestal, Briar signs up for the annual drag king competition.

There’s just one flaw in her plan: Briar has never done drag before.

With the help of her brother and a few new friends, Briar becomes Edgar Allan Foe, a drag king hellbent on taking Spencer down. But unless she can learn how to shake her anxiety and perform, she doesn’t stand a chance of winning Drag King of the Year, overcoming her depression and inner demons, or avoiding falling for her enemy, who might not be so bad after all.

Books found!

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Get your hands on a copy!

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