Book Fairies for a Day - author Olivia Hope and illustrator Fiona Woodcock hide Little Lion Girl in a garden

Book Fairy for a Day: both Olivia Hope and Fiona Woodcock share Little Lion girl!

“I’m lion girl and I am so EXCITED!”

The Book Fairies have been celebrating the release of Little Lion Girl by Olivia Hope! Copies of this book, so beautifully illustrated by Fiona Woodcock, were hidden around the UK… and we were delighted to welcome both the author and the illustrator as #BookFairyForADay in London 🦁

Can you tell how much fun they had? 😁

Book Fairies for a Day: Author Olivia Hope and Illustrator Fiona Woodcock

About the book:

The city roared like a jungle.
Leonie roared back at the city.
She shook her mane and swished her tail.
She was a lion girl.

Leonie and her mother are off to the big city! Inspired by the people, sights and sounds, Leonie can’t wait to discover it all. Her mother tells her to stay close, but there’s SO much to see. And surely nothing can scare a brave lion girl, can it?

A wild, spirited tale of imagination and self-belief, beautifully brought to life by Fiona Woodcock.

Book found!

We love hearing from book finders and were especially delighted with this pic from a happy happy reader!

Get your hands on a copy:

Little Lion Girl is available NOW in bookshops! If you’d rather order a copy online, you can still support booksellers if you click to order Little Lion Girl from!

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