The Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre presents The Secret Garden…

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” 

The Book Fairies have discovered a secret theatre in the centre of Regent’s Park…

We were delighted to share beautiful copies of The Secret Garden to celebrate the new production at the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre! Each copy contained a secret, protected by a key… and members of the cast became fairies to hide them!

Will you be heading to see the new play this month? It runs until the 20th of July 🎭 🌹 🪴 🤫 Click here to go to the theatre’s website.

The cast got involved and hid some copies themselves, all around Regent’s Park!

About the book:

In a house full of sadness and secrets, can young, orphaned Mary find happiness?

Mary Lennox, a spoiled, ill-tempered, and unhealthy child, comes to live with her reclusive uncle in Misselthwaite Manor on England’s Yorkshire moors after the death of her parents. There she meets a hearty housekeeper and her spirited brother, a dour gardener, a cheerful robin, and her wilful, hysterical, and sickly cousin, Master Colin, whose wails she hears echoing through the house at night.

With the help of the robin, Mary finds the door to a secret garden, neglected and hidden for years. When she decides to restore the garden in secret, the story becomes a charming journey into the places of the heart, where faith restores health, flowers refresh the spirit, and the magic of the garden, coming to life anew, brings health to Colin and happiness to Mary.

About Frances Hodgson Burnett:

Frances Hodgson Burnett (1849-1924) grew up in Manchester until, in 1865, her widowed mother was forced to take her children to Tennessee, the home of Frances’s uncle. She married Swan Burnett in 1873, was the family breadwinner (her first short story was published in the late 1860s) and had two sons. After her divorce she was briefly married to her lover: her personal life was unhappy, but she had numerous friends on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1877 the Boston Transcript compared her first novel to the best of George Eliot and in 1886 Little Lord Fauntleroy was a huge popular success; from then on Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote for both children and adults. The Secret Garden (1911) is still a bestseller.

A copy was left outside her London home on Portland Place!

Regent's Park Open Air Theatre Secret Garden production celebrated by book fairies at Frances Hodgson Burnett's home

About the new production:

“Mary would always say that what happened at that moment was almost magic.”

Spoilt and abandoned, 10-year-old Mary Lennox is sent from India to Yorkshire, and put into the care of an Uncle she has never met. At Misselthwaite Manor, a broken-hearted house full of secrets and strange noises, Mary discovers a garden as lost and neglected as she is. If she can learn to make friends with robins, grumpy gardeners, and a boy who speaks to animals, Mary might be able to bring more than just the garden back to life. Frances Hodgson Burnett’s beloved and radical story about the magic of nature and the nature of magic is adapted in a new version by Holly Robinson (soft animals, Soho Theatre) and Anna Himali Howard (Graceland, Royal Court; Orpheus, Opera North).

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