Lola and Larch Fix A Fairy Forest hidden by book fairies on a bike

Lola and Larch Fix A Fairy Forest… with help from The Book Fairies!

“The forest whished gently beyond the garden fence. Larch could stay in fairy mode for now.”

The Book Fairies are sharing copies of Lola and Larch Fix a Fairy Forest today! How perfect for book fairies to hide?!

About Lola and Larch Fix a Fairy Forest:

Lola can’t believe her luck – the rabbit she’s rescued is actually a fairy in disguise. Now she has her very own fairy! There’s just one problem. Larch, the rebellious fairy she’s rescued, is convinced that Lola is her human…

But while Larch and Lola discuss the merits of snail slime for breakfast and try to decide who should be in charge, there’s a bad fairy on the loose. Evil Euphorbia Spurge wants magic, and Larch is full of it. Soon it’s a battle of wits, wands and fairy wings as the new friends take on the wildest fairy in the woods…

Beautifully illustrated throughout, Lola and Larch is a heart-warming, funny celebration of friendship. It’s the perfect series for 7+ readers who like fairies, magic, and very naughty rabbits!

The Book Fairies are celebrating the first title in this children’s book series, the second of which, Lola and Larch Save the Sunshine Spell, just came out! Also, look out for Lola and Larch and the Snow Witch Switch this winter…

Happy finders!

We love hearing from those lucky people who spot the treats that book fairies leave behind! Here are a couple of our favourites from today…

Get your hands on a copy:

For those people who didn’t spot a copy in the wild, you can still get one from your local bookshop! If you prefer to order your books online, you can still support indies when you order your copy of Lola and Larch Fix a Fairy Forest here from!

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