Welcome to the magic

If you’re here… it’s because you’ve discovered the magic of the book fairies

Yes. Book Fairies do exist. We believe in book fairies and so will you… perhaps you found a book. Perhaps you stumbled upon us by accident or via a well-known book fairy. Perhaps you heard of these magical creatures who selflessly give stories to others and expect nothing in return.

Our Little Women campaign


Yes! That’s right! Emma Watson launched a worldwide Little Women campaign, where we hid over 2,000 copies in celebration of the movie release!

150 book fairies and 38 countries were involved in the activity, which launched Sunday 15th December.

Click here for more info.

What is a book fairy?

Book fairies are people who, when they’ve finished reading a good book, want a unique and fun way to pass it on to the next person. They pop an official book fairy sticker on it, which reads ‘take this book, read it & leave it for the next person to enjoy’, and they might even add a ribbon to dress it up as a gift. When they’ve prepared their gift, they will hide it in public to be found…

Would you like to be part of the magic?

Anyone can be a book fairy. All you need is a pile of books to give away, some official book fairy stickers, and the will to share in an act of literary kindness that extends across the world in 100 countries. As a book fairy you are joining an army of over 10,000, reminding the world that there are real fairies in the world, there is goodness. We’ve shared some links below but we aren’t limited to English speaking countries – please click here to see all the languages we have (so far!).

We have a fairy book club!

We absolutely love exploring the world through books, and our Fairy Book Club is open to everyone. Every two months, we choose a different country and go through a process to find a great title from that country. We then chat with our friends at World of Books, who always donate quite a few good quality secondhand copies for our members to enjoy! We might even be the only book club that offers a free copy of the current read to our members, worldwide. Head to the Fairy Book Club on Goodreads!

The launch of the Book Fairy Box!

To celebrate our second birthday in March 2019, we launched the most amazing subscription box! Every edition includes one brand new paperback, one good quality second-hand book, several book fairy exclusives and also literary and eco-gifts. Here are some pics from previous boxes. Click here to find out more!

Book fairies do some amazing things

We share lots of stories over on the Book Fairy Blog, to show how incredible book fairies really are. They really do go above and beyond.

Book Fairy Emma Watson

Yes, Emma is a book fairy! She has hidden books around NYC, in Paris, in Australia, and most recently in London! She uses the book fairy tote bag and also adds ribbon to the books to make the gifts a little more special.

emma watson is a book fairy
You can click on this pic to see the bag Emma wore in Paris!

How to spot a Book Fairy

One big giveaway for book fairies is that their eyes are constantly darting around the place, looking for great spots to put their books. These spots are carefully chosen, so that they can leave the book without being seen, but also the book needs to be visible enough for the next person to spot it! The book fairies are often carrying large bags full of books, with the telltale green and white sticker.

The Book Fairies: Comic Strip

One of our book fairies, Keshav from India, worked on this comic strip to explain how it all works! We hope you like it.

The Book Fairies Comic