Do you have a friend who needs a book fairy surprise?

The Book Fairies love hiding books for people to find, but every now and then we hear from someone who needs a little surprise. We have started Book Fairy Friends which gives YOU the chance to nominate a friend or family member in need of something good in the post. We will pick someone each month and send them some book fairy goodies Рand a book, of course Рall for free.

If you have someone in your life who is going through something or who needs a little gift – please fill out the form below. If you can’t think of anyone right now that’s ok – you may never need a Book Fairy Friend, but you’ll know where we are if you do. Remember that we will most likely have a lot of submissions and therefore will not be able to guarantee anything.¬†Please do not say anything about this to your nominee – this is to avoid disappointment.

Now is the time to be serious: if this page is not treated the way it should be then we will have to close it. The book fairies are very busy around the world, so please do not chase this up with your nomination. When a winner is chosen, we will notify the giver (the person who completes this form – so you) and put the goodies in the post for the nominee. There are no set rules for winners.

Terms and Conditions:

Please only complete this form once in a while. Please do not enter the same person twice in one calendar month. Please bear in mind that the book fairy gift will effectively be from you – so you should feel comfortable sharing your friend’s address before you complete the form.