The Fairy Book Swap – you got a book!

Congratulations on getting a book as part of the Fairy Book Swap! We will now be working behind the scenes to get your details over to the sender. Please post a pic and tag us when it arrives – and if you have any questions then we ask you to contact the sender (we only match people up, we cannot check up on deliveries). We hope you enjoy your new book!

Would YOU like to be a book fairy?

Book fairies are typically found hiding books around their local area (or on their travels!). The book swap was only introduced to bring us all a little closer through the tricky year of 2020. However, it’s so popular that it’s here to stay! With book fairies now getting back out there and sharing some magic, why not become a book fairy? All you need is a few books you’d like to share, some official stickers (free delivery!) and the desire to make people smile when they find the book! Adding a ribbon of some kind makes it extra special 🙂 Get started by ordering your goodies right away!

Did you know we have a subscription box?

Oh yes, and it’s the greenest book there is! A book or two, some book fairy exclusives, some bookish gifts and eco goodies! Also, all the packaging is re-used and/or recyclable! We are plastic free BUT sometimes will re-use plastic from packaging we receive (while also suggesting those suppliers switch to paper!). It’s a really fun subscription box to receive, here are some options for subscriptions AND a couple of the goodies. Click here for more box options and click here for more box goodies!

Ways to be involved online!

It’s not just about hiding books – we also simply love to share what we are reading! Use #shareyourfirstpage and #thisbookfairyisreading, or #bookfairyrecommendations for books you are enjoying!

When’s the next Fairy Book Swap?

The Fairy Book Swap takes place on our instagram on the second Friday of every month! We open with a simple question: “What book can you offer and where can you send it to?” or something similar – at around 12pm GMT (or BST, basically, the time in the UK). That question is live for 24 hours, and during that time we share all the offers that come in, and encourage people to answer them, like you did! This can go on all weekend sometimes haha!

If YOU have a book to offer, please do! The only cost is the postage to the fairy who we match you with. Some fairies include something small from where they live, maybe a bookmark or a little tea bag or chocolate, but there is no pressure to do this! Even a note makes it very special.