FAQs about The Book Fairies’ 7th Birthday!

Thank you for being part of our 7th birthday celebrations – how exciting! Here are some FAQs about the activity.

We are including 3 stickers in each pack. If you would like to share more books following the birthday celebrations, you can find stickers, library card stickers, bookmarks and more in the book fairy shop!

When will I receive my sticker pack?

For those in the USA and Canada, your packs will be sent locally, and likely dispatched mid February. For those elsewhere in the world, your packs will be sent from the UK. We hope that everyone will receive theirs by the end of February, but don’t worry, if yours arrives late you can still share your books later in March!

What do I do if my sticker pack doesn’t arrive on time?

You can still join in the fun! Share a pic of the book(s) you will be hiding when your stickers arrive and engage with other fairies online by commenting on your favourite book drops! See below some other ways we’ll be celebrating as well.

What type of book(s) can I hide on the day?

We love hiding all types of books, across all genres, age ranges and also – both new and secondhand! Perhaps there is a book you’ve read recently that you’d like to share? Our birthday is also International Women’s Day, so hiding a book by your favourite female author would also be great. If you do, please add #IWDBookFairies to your posts!

You are also more than welcome to share copies of your own book, if you are an author.

We always recommend considering if a book may cause a finder offence before you share it – if you’re hesitating, it’s probably wise to choose a different book! We don’t have specific examples, rather leaving it to book fairies to use their own judgement 🙂 Book fairies are all about sharing the love of reading, and not promoting a certain way of life or beliefs (apart from cuddling up with a book at every moment possible!)

What dates are we hiding the books?

Our birthday is Friday 8th March, which is also International Women’s Day, however due to the phenomenal response to our post about this activity, we are extending this activity to include the following weekend, 9th and 10th March.

How else can I celebrate the 7th birthday of The Book Fairies?

There will be many other activities to dive into. We are going to run a birthday cake competition, a birthday book swap, encourage followers to share a photo of themselves as a 7 year old with #ThisBookFairyis7, and more! Keep an eye on our social media and emails.

What if it’s raining or bad weather is expected?

This happens from time to time! What book fairies do when hiding books ‘in the wild’ on a rainy day is to find sheltered and dry places at which to leave books. We do not cover the books with anything – instead we share ideas under the hashtag #RainyBookFairies for creative spaces to leave the books – think mini book shares, cafes, museums, church entrances, hotel foyers…

Do I have to post my pics online?

Ideally, yes please! Not only does this mean that people can try to find the books you leave behind, it also adds to the exciting cacophany of posts we expect to be popping up during our birthday celebrations! If your instagram is private, or you do not use social media more info will be coming about how to share your pics with us!

Below are some more tips for those who would like them:

Book Fairy Tips


  • Always remember to place a Book Fairy sticker in a visible location on the front of books you hide
  • Ideally the title of the book and author name should remain visible.  If you must cover something due to the cover design the author’s first name should be covered so the title and last name can still be seen
  • Please do not change or write on the sticker


  • In addition to stickers you are encouraged to ‘dress’ your book to make it a special and fun experience for the book finder!
  • Suggestions include:
    • Ribbon (preferably green or in a colour/pattern that matches the book)
    • Book Fairy Insert (available in the shop)
    • Book marks
    • “Free Book!” tags (you can make these yourself!)

Book Hiding

  • You can hide books just about anywhere but remember to place them in locations that will be easily visible and accessible for book finders!
  • In case of poor weather here are some suggestions for book drop locations:
    • In a Little Free Library
    • In a covered entryway or windowsill
    • In the foyer of a hotel
    • In a museum

Green Book Fairies

  • You may have noticed we love the colour green!  Not only is it a great colour, the Book Fairies also work hard to maintain an eco-friendly way of doing things.
  • When hiding books outdoors in inclement weather please do not place your books in plastic bags to keep them dry.  Find an indoor location or consider waiting to hide your book another day.  The Book Fairies work hard to avoid single-use plastics whenever possible!
  • We also love to repurpose whenever we can.  Reuse ribbons from birthday and holiday gifts to dress your books and let friends/neighbours know you’ll take old books off their hands to save them from the landfill!

Social Media

A lot of Book Fairy business takes place on social media, primarily Instagram, so we’d like to share a few tips and tricks for sharing your photos and interacting with us online!

  • When photographing your book drops do your best to make sure the Book Fairy sticker and book title are easily visible.
  • Although you’re welcome to hide books in places most convenient and accessible to you, our Book Fairy accounts are most likely to share your book drops if the photos are clear and in focus, and have a lovely background!  A fun aspect of being a Book Fairy is looking for special places to hide your books that will introduce the title to a new audience or link to the theme of the book.  Not required, but a bit of extra fairy dust for special book drops is always appreciated!
  • Book fairies are anonymous… most of the time.  We rarely show our faces in photos and do not include personal information in posts.
  • Specific to Instagram, please tag us IN the actual photo you post, not just as an @ mention in the caption.  Activity on our accounts can get pretty busy so this is the best way to ensure we’ll see your post!  We encourage you to tag your local (state, country, or province) account as well as our worldwide account (@bookfairiesworldwide).
  • It’s also helpful if you share the location of your book drop, or include it in the post.  Sometimes,, followers will be watching social media to see where the next book will be hidden so they can go and look for it!
  • Always remember to use #ibelieveinbookfairies anytime you hide a book!  
  • We can’t promise to share every single photo but we’ll do our best to keep up through local and international posts as well as sharing to stories.