So, you found a book!

Firstly, congratulations! Even with the hundreds of books hidden per week around the world, you are still pretty lucky to find one! We hope you enjoy it!

What are book fairies?

Book fairies are incredible people who, all around the globe, hide books for strangers. There is no catch! They just love spreading the joy of reading and also reminding people that there is magic and good things are happening. See our instagram for some examples!

What happens next?

Well, we would love for you to enjoy the book, or pass to someone who will enjoy it, and then when the time comes – leave it for someone else to find! You can order more stickers here!

Where should I hide the book?

This is completely up to you! It’s a very creative bit of magic so it can be anything from a special monument or statue, a bench in a beautiful park, or even a cafe! If it’s bad weather, we recommend finding sheltered places like just inside public buildings or at a bus stop.

Does this mean I am a book fairy?

Yes! As soon as you’ve hidden your first book, you’re a book fairy! If you enjoyed re-hiding the book you found, why not grab some stickers and start hiding books of your own?

Do the books have to be new?

Nope! In fact, the vast majority of books hidden around the world by book fairies are secondhand, or maybe have had multiple readers. So when you’ve finished a book, pop a sticker on and find somewhere to leave it.

Is the sticker enough?

A lot of book fairies just use the sticker, however we also like to decorate it with a ribbon (we have our own here) or include a book fairy bookmark, or even a tag like the one you’ve found!

Do I have to share on social media?

We do love seeing photos of the books being shared, so if you’re on social media, please post a pic and use #ibelieveinbookfairies and tag us (instagram: @bookfairiesworldwide, twitter: @the_bookfairies, facebook: “The Book Fairies”). However this is not mandatory!

Here is a mini book fairy guide for you

book fairy guide

More questions? Head to our FAQ page or email us on!