“Hide a Book Day” with Goodreads and The Book Fairies

We are excited to announce that The Book Fairies have buddied up with Goodreads to have a day just for the celebration of books and readers on 18th September! We are calling it “HIDE A BOOK DAY” and hope to get lots of Goodreads members involved – as well as our very own book fairies!

For this event, we have welcomed Goodreads to put a special sticker alongside ours. They have a few thousand BUT this is the only place you can get them!

Grab your Goodreads Book Fairy pack here!

What do you get in the pack?

You get 9 book fairies stickers and 3 Goodreads stickers as the Goodreads ones are limited. We will also email you a guide for the 18th to give you some ideas!

book fairies goodreads

How much does the pack cost?

It costs the same as a pack of book fairies stickers normally: £1.80, so you pay no extra for the Goodreads stickers. Also, postage is set so that it doesn’t go up no matter what else you order!

What happens on the 18th of September?

Book fairies and Goodreads members around the world will pop stickers on the front of books they want to share, and find perfect places to leave them for the next person to find, read, and pass on in the future!

So grab your Goodreads Book Fairy Pack today and Join us in the fun! Share your book drop pictures by using the #hideabookday and tag @bookfairiesworldwide on the picture!