The Heirloom Garden Giveaway – Instagram Share

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The Book Fairies @bookfairies_usa and Harlequin Books are celebrating the release of The Heirloom Garden by giving away SIXTY of these beautiful copies, along with a little bundle which includes a ‘book fairy guide’ and some book fairy stickers.

Who are The Book Fairies?

Book Fairies would normally be out and about in the states, and around the world, hiding books in plain for lucky finders to stumble upon, and while this is not possible at the moment, they still want to share some magic! We hope that the winners will enjoy the book and become book fairies themselves later in the year! Anyone can be a book fairy, just find out more at

For your chance to win head to or Closes Monday April 27th!

Thank you to @bookfairiesworldwide, @harlequinbooks and @bookclubbish for this competition!

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