Bamboo Toothbrush – Book Fairy Green Item


Part of our Book Fairy Green Items, this bamboo toothbrush is a great alternative to the standard toothbrush! Book lovers are world lovers so we are helping to look after this planet with a series of special items such as this. Each order is for ONE toothbrush.

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These toothbrushes are made from naturally grown bamboo and castor oil based bristles (plant based).

Unlike the plastic toothbrush that ends up in the landfill or oceans for hundreds of years, this bamboo toothbrush with newly improved castor oil-based bristles will naturally decompose back in nature once it’s served the purpose of routine teeth brushing.

It has soft bristles and as it should be replaced every 3 months as per dentists’ recommendation.
Each toothbrush is individually packaged in recyclable cardboard box, which helps to protect bristles from damaging.

Each order is for ONE toothbrush.

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