Book Fairy Birthday Bundle


Eeeeekkkkk! Yes, we now help you make a book lover’s birthday even more special! Here you can get them a classic green book fairy tote bag, a special edition ‘this book fairy is reading’ bookmark, an enamel pin, 5 green ribbons, 5 white ribbons, 25 book fairy stickers and a handwritten birthday note in a gold envelope!

Remember: everything has FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE!

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About our tote bag and ribbons:

This green tote bag is ethically produced, and printed in the UK. The producers of the bag support the Carbon Literacy project. The ribbons are made in the UK and are also printed in the UK. One of our very own book fairies in Cornwall even spends hours cutting them all up into the perfect ‘wrap a book’ size!

About our recycled bookmark:

This book fairy bookmark is made from recycled leather waste, bonded with water pressure to form a soft leather material with a soft waxy feel. A environmentally friendly, recycled material made and printed in the UK for a low carbon footprint.

about the enamel pin:

This is a beautiful gift for a book fairy, who can proudly and of course discreetly show off their book-fairy-status! Wouldn’t it look lovely on their new green bag?

include a birthday message:

We want to make this book-lover’s birthday extra special, so include a few sentences that you’d like to write inside the gift. We will hand write your note, pop it in a shiny gold envelope and fill the envelope with tiny green paper hearts before sealing it with our new wax book fairy stamp.

all the stickers they need:

In this bundle we are being super generous. We have included a whopping 25 green book fairy stickers to get them going with spreading the magic of reading, wherever they are. A Book Fairy Guide will also be in the bundle.

all wrapped up:

We will carefully wrap your gift in green tissue paper which will crinkle as the  recipient opens up to find the magic inside!

free shipping, to wherever you prefer:

Want to deliver the gift yourself? Pop your address in when you go through to order. Want it to arrive at their address? If you’re happy to do that, we can send it there. Remember that with any book fairies goodies, we have free shipping, WORLDWIDE, so you never need to worry about that. Why not pop something else in your order for yourself? 🙂

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