Book Fairy Birthday Limited Edition Tote Bags


To celebrate our first birthday in March 2018, we have this special edition black and gold tote bag for fairies to get their hands on! See how good it looks full of books to give away! We will also throw in 5 birthday stickers (yep, those beautifully shiny gold ones…).

An extra special bonus: at least £1 of what you spend on this bag will go into a charitable foundation for helping literacy in areas of the globe which struggle. We will be in touch to let you know exactly what happens with the money we raise from our birthday goodies!

Remember: everything has FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE!

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These are limited edition for our birthday in March 2018! We will throw in 5 GOLD stickers, too.

2 thoughts on “Book Fairy Birthday Limited Edition Tote Bags

  1. Jon whyte says:

    I found my first Book Fairies book yesterday in hte West End. I think this is a great idea to encourage people read more, as it gets you involved. it’s exciting for me, as it will help me to start looking/reading again.

    Kind regards

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