Book Fairy Box surprise – EU


This is a SURPRISE Book Fairy Box from our back catalogue! EU countries only. Perfect for you or for a gift! Not only does it have at least one brand new book inside, but also some exclusive book fairy goodies and other amazing literary treats.



This is a surprise Book Fairy Box, from our back-catalogue. EU countries only!

What’s in the box?

  • A new book for you to enjoy and a second-hand book, to encourage the idea of reusing
  • At least one eco-conscious item to encourage a fresh start in the new year
  • A letter from a book fairy
  • A Book Fairy Survival Kit: stickers and another book-fairy item
  • Several gifts for you to enjoy!
  • We promise no one-use plastic or any unnecessary plastic packaging

Also! We always vary the contents, so the myriad of possible boxes is almost unimaginable!

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