Book Fairy Passport – This Book Fairy Is Reading


New for March 2021 to celebrate our fourth birthday! Our very own reading record, the Book Fairy Passport! A special, gold embossed way to record the books you’ve read, what you thought of them, and where they travelled next!

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What is this for?

This is a great way to record the books you are reading, giving you a physical souvenir of your reading achievements! You can record your info, the books you’ve read, and where they are going to next! (A great way to keep track of any you lend to friends…) You can even send it back to be stamped once it’s complete!

Who made the book?

We support a local printer in the UK, less than two miles away. They have been with us from the beginning, and we are often able to collect our orders in person by bicycle!

What is the book made from?

It’s plastic free, that’s for sure! Also, this passport book may look like leather but it’s free from animal products! Made from card and paper, with two metal staples.

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