Book Fairy Starter Kit


This is the perfect kit for you if you’re starting out as a book fairy – and it can make a great gift, too!

Included is our classic green tote bag, a book fairy reading passport, five book fairy inserts and twenty official book fairy stickers – as well as a  little guide to get you started!

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We are excited to launch this essential starter kit for new fairies!

The Book Fairy Green Tote:

The classic green of The Book Fairies and ‘i believe in book fairies’ in high quality print, in our official font, too! As worn by Emma Watson when she is book-fairying. What more could you want?

The Book Fairy Reading Passport:

Our very own reading record, the Book Fairy Passport! A special, gold embossed way to record the books you’ve read, what you thought of them, and where they travelled next! While it might look like the traditional leather cover, this passport is made from paper and card with just two metal staples.

The Book Fairy Inserts:

Each insert has a tiny book fairy guide, and a big eye catching sign saying FREE BOOK! This pokes out of the top. This is to be used like a bookmark in each book you hide – to encourage the finders to become book fairies too and pay it forward!

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