Book Fairy Wrapping Paper


We are excited to bring you… The Book Fairies wrapping paper!

Please note: if you make an order now, you will NOT receive it in time for 23rd December. You can still join in though afterwards as they do not include the word ‘Christmas’ šŸ™‚

We are planning two holiday weekend book drops on 16 – 17 and 23 – 24 December! It would be amazing if you could join us, wherever you are in the world.

In this bundle, you will get 5 sheets of wrapping paper, 5 stickers and a few green hearts to pop inside. The idea is that you put a sticker on the book, put some confetti in, wrap it and leave it somewhere for someone else to find.

PleaseĀ get your order in as soon as you can because these areĀ limited and also we need to get it out to you in time!

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Each sheet of wrapping paper is A3 and enough for a regular or even larger sized book. The sheets will arrive folded once for postage.

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