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Book fairies are some of the most generous souls, so we thought that it was about time you could get something to keep for yourself. We took a few months to bring you this, because we wanted to get it perfect.

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What we’ve ended up with is a recycled leather bookmark embossed with ‘this book fairy is reading’, made locally, which we hope you agree is a beautiful object to use when a book fairy does have a rare moment to read.

About our recycled bookmark:

This book fairy bookmark is made from recycled leather waste, bonded with water pressure to form a soft leather material with a soft waxy feel. A environmentally friendly, recycled material made and printed in the UK for a low carbon footprint.

about the black and gold:

Part of our first birthday celebrations in March 2018 includes the release of this special edition ‘to keep’ bookmark. This is for the book fairy who wants a souvenir! We will also throw in 5 stickers.

What a beautiful keepsake for a book fairy! We will throw in 5 stickers, too.

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