Bumper Book Fairy Bundle


We are excited to offer a Bumper Book Fairy Bundle! This is for those of you who want the ‘I believe in book fairies’ tote bag and badges, too.

What’s in the bundle?

  • 5 x bookmarks
  • 5 x ribbons
  • 1 x ‘I believe in book fairies’ tote bag
  • 1 x ‘I believe in book fairies’ button
  • 1 x The Book Fairies logo button
  • 1 x Green logo button
  • 20 x official stickers

It’s perfect to get you started as a book fairy where you live! We cannot wait to see which goodies you hide for people to find 🙂

We have included a pic or two posted by those book fairies who have received their Bumper Book Fairy Bundles!




For those who want a little bit more in their Book Fairy Bundle, here’s our bumper pack! You’ll have everything you need to go out and be a book fairy for a day, or two, or three!


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