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This is no longer available. Please head here to grab some book fairy stickers!

Goodreads day is on 18th September, so it is now too late to get these in time. However, if you would still like a pack to share books in September to celebrate their 10th birthday, then feel free to order and we will get them out to you asap!

We are excited to announce that The Book Fairies have buddied up with Goodreads to have a day just for the celebration of books and readers on 18th September! We are calling it “Hide a Book Day” and hope to get lots of Goodreads members involved – as well as our very own book fairies!

For this event, we have welcomed Goodreads to put a special sticker alongside ours. They have a few thousand BUT this is the only place you can get them!

*If you would like a different language on the book fairies sticker please see what languages are available in the shop and add a comment to your order with your request*

Please note: our recommended cut-off for orders for anywhere that isn’t the UK is Tuesday morning (12th September). In the UK, the cut-off will be Thursday 15th.  Any orders made after that are unlikely to arrive in time for the event on the 18th, however Goodreads is celebrating all month so you can still join in!

This is no longer available. However if you order this product we will send you a standard book fairy sticker pack.




To celebrate Hide a Book Day with GOODREADS, you can get a special sticker pack! The same price as our normal sticker pack but you get 3 goodreads stickers too to add to three special books to share on the day!

If you order this product we will send you a standard book fairy sticker pack.

3 thoughts on “Goodreads Pack – No Longer Available

    • cordeliaox says:

      How strange, I am so sorry – we did send them separately as they came from different places so I hope you have received them now.

  1. LS Wagen says:

    Well, I got my stickers in time. I left my books Pauline’s Perils of Perplexity outside of Target on the bus stop benches. I also left a copy on the bench outside of St. Daniel’s Catholic Church in Scottsdale, AZ, and at my doctor’s office. I left a copy of Super Man’s Resume: A Beginner’s Guide to Resume Writing, and Beyond on bushes outside of Barnes and Noble. I also left books by other author’s, God for one. A copy of the bible in the cemetery near my parents’ mausoleum. Also, left a copy of the religious book by Scott Hahn, A Father Who Keeps His Promises in another cemetery, on a bench.

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