Book Fairy Box May/June – one-off purchase


This is the May/June edition of our BOOK FAIRY BOX! For our second birthday we launched a very green box. Not only does it have a brand new book inside, but also a secondhand one, some exclusive book fairy goodies and other amazing literary treats. The theme for this box is double layered: Book Fairies in Bloom… and also Pride!




This is the ‘one off’ option, and it’s cheaper if you subscribe.  Yes – all our items come with free worldwide delivery as ever. Be the first to get new book fairy goodies, great books and so so so many extra bits and bobs – it’s happy mail at its finest.

What’s in the box?

Without giving too much away, our theme is BOOK FAIRIES IN BLOOM and PRIDE. As ever, it’s also green. This means:

  • FOUR Book Fairy exclusives
  • A new book and a second-hand book, to encourage the idea of reusing
  • At least one item that supports a greener lifestyle
  • A Book Fairy Survival Kit (different each month, but will always include our stickers)
  • We promise no one-use plastic or any unnecessary plastic packaging (in this one there are a few individually packaged teabags)


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