Book Fairy Box March/April – one-off purchase


£35.00 £30.00

This is our March/April BOOK FAIRY BOX! We have a limited number left. For the most recent box click here for May/June! For our second birthday we are launching a very green box. Not only will it have a brand new book inside, but also a secondhand one, some exclusive book fairy goodies and other literary treats. It is early days, our very first box, so there is no fixed theme for the books this time.




This is the ‘one off’ option, and it’s cheaper if you subscribe.  Yes – all our items come with free worldwide delivery as ever. Be the first to get new book fairy goodies, great books and so so so many extra bits and bobs – it’s happy mail at its finest.

What’s in the box?

Without giving too much away, our theme is GREEN. This means:

  • Book fairy exclusives
  • A new book and a second-hand book, to encourage the idea of reusing
  • At least one item that supports a greener lifestyle
  • We promise no one-use plastic or any plastic packaging


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