White Book Fairies Ribbons


These beautiful white ribbons are the perfect finishing touch for your book drop! This package includes 5 ribbons, and we also throw in 5 stickers for free.

We hope you enjoy making your books look like presents and we cannot wait to see the photographs. Please always tag us on instagram, twitter and facebook so we can share your pics! You can order more stickers here.

These white ones are BRAND NEW to grab yours now!

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These make a beautiful addition to your book drop, making your books look like little presents. We love seeing people using ribbons of all colours and patterns, but if you’d like to use our branded one then here’s your chance!

Each ribbon is large enough to wrap round one book, twice, like a gift. You could use one ribbon, cut it in half, then wrap two books one way – this also looks good!

We will throw in 5 stickers too, for free.

Additional information

Weight .30 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 2 cm

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