Working with Publishers and Other Partners

The Book Fairies, in the UK and overseas, work with publishers and other partners to help promote the titles they are most excited about! If you’re a publisher looking for a unique way to create a buzz on social media, then maybe some book fairies could help 🙂

“It’s honestly the most magical thing I’ve ever seen on social media.”

– Lucy Strange, Author

How does it work?

The publisher chooses the title(s) they would like “book-fairy-ed” and gets in touch to arrange the perfect day for a campaign with the book fairies. From there, we can have a chat face to face, over the phone or over email to decide on quantities, where in the world you want the books hidden, and also if there will be a theme. You can see many blog entries of campaigns here. For other partners who are not book publishers, we tailor our activity to include sourcing the right books to include – and we can put bookmarks or postcards inside the book to tie the campaign together.

The book fairies then give you a list of addresses for you to arrange book delivery, and we start preparing the books with our stickers and often bookmarks and ribbon too!

“I’m convinced there’s no stronger magic than Book Fairy magic”

– Aisling Fowler, Author

Some testimonials from publishers

We can of course tell you that it’s AMAZING to run some activity with us, but here are some testimonials from people we have worked with!

Every campaign is different

It’s true, we’re not just saying that. We encourage publishers and authors to give us themes or ideas, and we will do our very best to make the campaign really stand out for them! If it’s a children’s book, we will find places where families hang out, if it’s a book set in a particular location, we will try to go there to take pictures and hide the books! The amount of personalisation we can do is almost endless so don’t hold back if you have a wild idea about how we could promote your title!

Other types of partnerships we’ve had include theatres, drama schools, restaurant chains, insurance firms, event organisers, The National Trust, museums, The Royal Family and more!

“I truly enjoyed leaving copies of books I think everyone should read”

– Greta Thunberg, Activist

Looking for something extra?


A couple of years ago, we started using #shareyourfirstpage on social media. Now with over 3,000 posts on instagram, it’s grown into a bit of a trend! These posts generally are the most likely to receive comments like “I’m going to order this book!” as we get them into the very start of the story. Publishers can add this to their campaign, and it will feature on our worldwide accounts as well as local ones.

Unboxing Video

We can also do unboxing videos when the boxes arrive at the fairy door! We will let you know which fairy will be doing the video, so you have a chance to add some fun extras inside. One of our favourites has been with The Housekeepers – you’ll see why here….

“Book Fairy for a Day”

Book fairies LOVE meeting authors. If you work with an author who would like a chance at getting involved as a book fairy, hiding their own books, then we will help to make this happen!

We’ve met with so many incredible authors, and examples include Ben MillerRosie JonesBonnie WrightKatie PiperSkye McKennaClare BradburyMatt HaigK. J. MaitlandSharon Bolton and Anna James. You can see more examples on the hashtag #BookFairyForADay.